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Profoto OCF Colour Gel Starter Kit

Profoto OCF Colour Gel Starter Kit

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  • Balance color temperature or get creative with colored light
  • Pre-cut and labeled for fast and easy use
  • Clever snap-on solution
  • Can be used together with any OCF Light Shaping Tool

Gels are a great aid to your creativity with a number of different uses. Color correction gels allow you to blend your flash in a natural way with the ambient light, for example warm colored interior lights. Or you can create a whole array of color based special effects with gels. Whatever type of gel you choose, it’s a great addition that will quickly and easily inject color and creativity into a shoot.

The OCF Gels are pre-cut to fit Profoto off-camera flashes, and mounted in the blink of an eye thanks to a unique and clever snap-on solution. The OCF Colour Gel Starter Kit includes a gel holder and a selection of the most popular gels.


1 x Full CTO

1 x Half CTO

1 x Quarter CTO

1 x Quarter CTB

1 x Half Plus Green

1 x Rose Pink

1 x Light Lavender

1 x Just Blue

1 x Peacock Blue

1 x Yellow

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