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Profoto Gel Kit For A1/A1X Flash

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  • Balances color temperature of flash to match ambient light
  • High quality and rigid premium gels
  • Easily clicks on and off the A1X or A1’s magnetic mount
  • Can be stacked with other A1X and A1 modifiers
A1X or A1’s smart magnetic mount. The whole process is super quick and easy.

The gels are made from premium materials that are rigid, durable and made to last. And they are stackable, so you can use them in combination with other light shaping tools like the Dome Diffuser, for example. All of which allow you to be more creative with light.

Gels help you to blend flash in a natural way with the ambient light like warm interior lights or warm sunlight. There are three clearly marked quarter, half and full CTO gels included to make the color temperature of the flash blend naturally with warm light which keeps flesh tones looking healthy and balanced instead of pale, for example. When shooting in fluorescent light there’s also a half green gel that reduces the risk of magenta seeping into your images.


1 x Full CTO

1 x Half CTO

1 x Quarter CTO

1 x Half Plus Green