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Profoto OCF Colour Correction Gel Kit

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  • Balances colour temperature
  • Pre-cut and labeled for fast and easy use
  • Clever snap-on solution
  • Requires an OCF Colour Gel Starter Kit

Gels are a great aid to your creativity with a number of different uses. Colour correction gels allow you to blend your flash in a natural way with the ambient light, for example warm colored interior lights. Or you can create a whole array of color based special effects with gels. Whatever type of gel you choose, it’s a great addition that will quickly and easily inject color and creativity into a shoot.

The OCF Gels are pre-cut to fit Profoto off-camera flashes, and mounted in the blink of an eye thanks to a unique and clever snap-on solution. The OCF Colour Correction Gel Pack includes 20 colour gels in orange, blue and green for balancing flash light with sunlight, moonlight and fluorescent light respectively. The gel pack requires an OCF Colour Gel Starter Kit that includes the actual gel holder.


3 x Full CTO

3 x Half CTO

3 x Quarter CTO

2 x Eighth CTO

1 x Half CTB

1 x Quarter CTB

1 x Eighth CTB

2 x Plus Green

2 x Half Plus Green

2 x Quarter Plus Green