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Profoto B1 and B1x Li-Ion Battery MkII

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  • 325 Full-Power Flashes
  • Charge Status LEDs
  • Charges in 1.5 Hours with 4.5A Charger
  • Charges in 2.5 Hours with 2.8A Charger

Lithium-Ion Battery MKII for B1 and B1X AirTTL Flash Heads from Profoto will give you up to 325 full-power flashes and thousands of minimum power flashes on a 2.5-hour charge from the 2.8A multi-voltage charger. The 4.5A quick charger shortens that time to 1.5 hours. LEDs on the battery and both the optional chargers allow you to monitor the charging progress.


1 x Profoto Lithium-Ion Battery for B1 and B1X AirTTL Flash Heads