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Profoto OCF II Grid (10°/ 20° or 30°)

Profoto OCF II Grid (10°/ 20° or 30°)

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  • Attaches with magnets onto OCF II Grid & Gel Holder or OCF II BarnDoor
  • Control stray light and reduce light spread
  • Easy to stack with OCF II Gels
The OCF II Grids reduce the light spread, control stray light, and add contrast and drama to an image. So no matter what location you find yourself in, you can control and focus the light where you want it, limit the light spillage on other areas of the image, create background effects, and more. The magnetic grids attach directly onto the OCF II Grid & Gel Holder or the OCF II Barndoor. They can be clicked on and off in seconds. For even more creative possibilities on the move, stack them with colourful OCF II Gels.


1 x Profoto OCF II Grid

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