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Profoto RFI Speedring For Profoto Flash Heads

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Allow you to mount RFi Softboxes on Profoto flashes
Color-coded holes for fast and easy setup
Painted with heat resistant lacquer
Allows the softbox to be rotated 360°


The high-quality RFi Speedrings are used for mounting RFi Softboxes. Its design allows you to snap on the softbox without having to bend and fumble with the rods, while the clever color-codes show you exactly how to assemble the unit. The classic Profoto rubber collar and clasp makes it easy to mount the RFi Speedring on the flash.

Our assortment of RFi Speedring adapters makes the RFi Softboxes compatible with all major flash brands, ranging all the way from speedlights to high-end studio strobes. Even if you own flashes from many different manufacturers, you now only need one brand of softboxes.


1 x Profoto RFI Speedring For Profoto Flash Heads