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Profoto Softbox 1x4' with built-in speedring

Profoto Softbox 1x4' with built-in speedring

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  • Creates a soft and flattering light.
  • All-in-one mount for a quick fold/unfold solution.
  • Removable diffusor.
  • Heat-resistant for use with halogen lights (max 500W halogen).

The Profoto Softbox Strip sets up in seconds thanks to its integrated speedring and creates a stunning, soft light. Its design produces soft light with long shadow edges on the long side and harder light with short shadow edges on the short side, making it ideal for edge or rim lighting. This essential light shaper enhances the curves and profiles of objects and effectively separates the subject from the background.

Featuring an all-in-one mount design, the Profoto Softbox Strip is incredibly easy to set up and with a quick fold/unfold solution. In addition, it provides adjustable softness and intensity of light through its removable and interchangeable diffuser. The recessed front evenly delivers a distribution of natural-looking light and as it is heat-resistant, it is compatible with flashes using halogen as continuous light (up to 500W halogen) as well.

With a range of accessories available, the Profoto Softbox Strip provides complete creative freedom for photographers seeking precise control over their lighting setups.

Note: When used with ProHead on power level 10 (2400Ws) together with continuous light (500W) on full effect, a maximum of 8 flashes per minute is recommended to prevent the speedring from getting too hot to touch.


1 x Profoto Softbox 1x4' with built-in speedring
1 x Carry case

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