Profoto Umbrella Diffuser (Select Size)

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Turns a white or silver umbrella into a softbox
Diffuses the light and reduces the light output by 1.5 stops
Very easy to use
Made with heat resistant, high-quality fabrics



Umbrellas might be common and easy-to-use but they are still highly versatile and capable of creating interesting and creative lighting effects. Better yet, you can further expand their versatility with our handy umbrella accessories.

The optional Umbrella Diffuser works like a shower cap with an elastic band. Pull it over the front of your White or Silver Umbrella to turn it into a softbox, thereby creating a softer and more diffused light. The Umbrella Diffuser reduces the light output by 1.5 stops.


1 x Profoto Umbrella Diffuser

1 x Carry Case